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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Design pattern in java

What are design patterns?

Answer: Design pattern is a strategy to use to build up a web application. It helps in designing of an application that will be more flexibility, easy to maintain, etc. Design Patterns also solve specific programming challenges regarding usability and maintainability.

In some other cases, the pattern is also a way to deal with "inefficiencies" of the language, where "inefficiency" is very broad in its meaning, and not always in a bad term.

The broad category of design patterns are:
1) Creational
2) Structural
3) Behavioral

Singleton Pattern
Factory Pattern
Abstract Factory Pattern
Builder Pattern
Prototype Pattern

Adapter Pattern
Decorator Pattern
Bridge Pattern
Composite Pattern
Proxy Pattern
Flyweight Pattern
Facade Pattern

Template Method Pattern
Iterator Pattern
Visitor Pattern
State Pattern
Command Pattern
Mediator Pattern
Chain of Responsibility Pattern
Strategy Pattern
Memento Pattern
Observer Pattern

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